Monday, October 18, 2010

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer
Skin cancer is a disease in which cancer cells are found in the
outer layers of the skin.Skin protect your body against heat,
light,infection and injury.It also stores water, fat and vitamin D.The
skin has two main layers and several kinds of cells.The top layer of
the skins called epidermis.It contains three kinds of cells,flat,scaly
cells on the surface called squamous cells;round cells called basal
cells;and cells called melanocytes which give skin the colour.
Several types of cancer occur in the skin.The most common are
basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer is common for
people who spent lot of time in the sunlight.The infected skin is
light coloured.
Skin cancer occurs in places where skin is exposed to sunlight such
as face,neck, hands and arms.It also occurs anywhere in the body.
Skin cancer is of different types.signs such as growth or a sore in
the skin is a type of cancer.A small lump is also a sign of skin
cancer.The small lump is also a sign of skin cancer.The lump will be
smooth, shiny, and waxy looking.It also appears as red or reddish
brown. Not all changes in the skin are cancer.
Melanoma is a disease of the skin in which cancer cells are found
in the skin that colour the skin(melanocytes).Melanoma usually occur
in the adults,rarely it occurs in the children.
Skin is made of two layers, the epidermis(top layer) and dermis
(the inner layer).Melanocytes are found in the epidermis and they
contain melanin which gives the skin its colour.Melanoma is of two
types cutaneous and malignant.
Melanoma is a more serious type of cancer than the more common skin
cancer (or)squamous cell cancer,which begin in the basal or squamous
cells of the epidermis.Melanoma can be treated early if
diagonoised.Melonama spreads to other parts of body through the blood
or lymph system.
Cancer occur when normal cell s undergo a transformation during
which they grow and multiply without normal controls.As cells
multiply, they form a mass called a tumour.Tumours of the skin are
called lesions.
Tumours are cancers only if they are malignant.This means that
they encroach on and invade neighbouring tissues because of their
uncontrolled growth.
Tumours may also travel to remote organs via the blood stream or
lymphatic system.This process of invading and spreading to other
organs is called metasis.Tumours overwhelm surrounding tissues by
invading their space and taking the oxygen and nutrients they need to
survive and function.